Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Bubbe really going to Kindergarten?

Bubbe in 3's
Bubbe at 2

I remember the day that I found out we were pregnant with Bubbe.

To back up, I remember the day he was conceived - don't worry, I'm not about to give you too much information.......but let's just say that I KNOW I uttered the phrase "you know you'll be sorry in 9 months" more than once.

He didn't believe me.

I wish I had some cutsie story to share ......but really, there was just a pee stick and Coach brushing his teeth....and a quick reality check as our 15 month old was waking for the day.

And from the get go, life with Bubbe has always been not what you were expecting.

As a baby, he refused bottles.

Then, he refused baby foods.

He HATED the swing, the ultra saucer, the bouncey seat....don't even get me started on the crib drama.

I described him last week as our walking oxymoron.

He is loud, the life of the party, always the musician, funny, impulsive, and a bit of a danger junkie (with a high pain tolerance - thanks to Coach's genes).

But he is also anxious, nervous, timid about new people/situations/places.......has the soul of an old man, and can worry with the best of them.

Doesn't seem possible to have it all in one kiddo - but then, life with Bubbe has always been that way - making the old "expect the unexpected" a way of life with him.

Today we met his kindergarten teachers.

It's really happening.

Bubbe is going to kindergarten.

Why is it kindergarten is on the big list of milestones?

Why do all us mommy people freak out like they were going off to UCLA without us? Why is it we feel like they are grown when they go off to kindergarten?

When I put down my emotional panic attack hat for a minute (life with Bubbe has always been about reality checks), I realize that...........kindergarten is really no biggie.

Bubbe isn't leaving me behind as he goes off on some big kindergarten adventure.

Bubbe still needs me to read him a story, sing his special bedtime song, and create a plan for our dreams in order to go to sleep.

Bubbe still needs me to kiss booboos and make them better - complete with Star Wars bandaids.

Bubbe still needs me to set the boundaries, keep things safe, and read the directions in board games.

So, for now (theres still two weeks left - stay tuned), I'm not going to go into full mommy panic mode about the kindergarten thing.

If Bubbe starts playing Don't Wake the Hulk with out me............I might need some support!

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  1. know that I am here if you need me for support remember I just sent my "baby" off to High School and so far we have all survived (unless you ask her about the 58 she got on her advanced math quiz...) She got in the car today and told me she was going to fail math...I promised her that would not happen as I have you and Lewis Godfree who can tutor her if that needs to happen! SO they still need you when they are in HS even!