Friday, August 14, 2009

Too Big?

As I put Bubbe to bed tonight....for the third time, but we won't go there........he inquired,

"Mommy, do you weigh too many pounds to get in the top bunk?"

Sweet dreams to you too kiddo!

I spent the majority of my life (quick math check there) wearing skinny jeans because I was skinny. My first driver's license showed me at 5' 9.5" and 98 pounds. Yes, at today's standards I *think* I should have been in a booster seat when I drove to college.

Then, there was the college 10, and the married 10, and oh yeah - those two amazing pregnancies with peanut butter twix candy bars and mexican cheese dip. Good times.

While I think the top bunk will be fine if I climb in for a while, skinny jeans are definitely a thing of the past.

Yes, I am wearing the same black capri yoga pants as I had on Wednesday for church. I wash them - every day (and never dry them). I love them. Not only do they have an elastic waist and are the most comfortable garment on the planet, they are black - my favorite color. They say black is flattering - or is it forgiving?

I watch on facebook daily as many of my fb friends go about their day filled with walking, water drinking, P90X work outing, gym visits, new diets, weight watcher meetings, races to would think I would be inspired.

One would be wrong.

I wish I was inspired. I wish I wanted to drink only water and eat only colorful things from the exterior of the Kroger aisles.

But, alas. I am mostly happy in black yoga pants, with my coke in hand (I've had many vices over the years and let's just say that coke in the red can is a good evil) enjoying my day without the limitations of diets.

I wish I enjoyed exercise. I love to play with the kids - sparkpeople gives me exercise points for that one, but come on people - I'm not really burning a whole lot of calories playing the wii, building the lego towers, or participating in the new make over of the day. Nor am I loosing pounds with all the dishes, laundry, and vacuuming that I do either (they give me points for that too!).

Coach LOVES to exercise. It's crazy really. He would rather be down in the dungeon torturing himself than just about anywhere else.

Not me. Nope. No desire to push myself to my limit.

Oddly enough, I am fairly picky about what my kids eat. No caffeine EVER for either. I actually keep track of their daily intakes of fruit/veggies/calcium (and my never ending dairy war with Pumpkin). I monitor sugar intake (if you have ever given Bubbe a candy bar - you know why!). I've always said if I ate the way I fed the kids - I'd be super healthy!

Every fall I typically begin some sort of "hey - I'm going to be a smaller, healthier me" campaign. Week one always goes really well - healthy food, lots of water drinking, and a good dose of that exercise stuff.

Week 2 - 4 go okay - mostly healthy food ( a few splurges here and there), some water drinking (now I am up to limiting myself to one coke a day - forbiddens and I never get along), and exercise trickles to walking.

By week 5- 6, the campaign has died out - and I am back to my normal life.

Typically, a few pounds heavier by week 8, but usually nicer to be around than weeks 1 - 6.

So, this fall I have made an executive decision that there will be no fall campaign. I will save us all from the facebook posts of my demise in week 5. Some would say that I am just being negative, or not giving myself enough credit.

Me, myself and I have been hanging out 34 years now - we are real tight. We are giving ourselves just the right amount of credit!

This fall I am going to be grateful for the body that God gave me and be happy in it.

And should I wake up one day with a craving for exercise or dislike for cokes in the red can, well, then ..........let the campaign begin.

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