Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I'm working on it."

This is a very normal exchange in my home - multiple times every day:

The Coach: "Do you want me to move this box downstairs?"

Me: "No - I'm going to use that this week."

The Coach: "That's what you said last week."

Me: "I'm working on it."

MANY conversations around here end with me stating "I'm working on it." Which today led me to begin to brainstorm all the things that I am "working on."

1. Clutter - I've been working on clutter for a LONG time. I have signed up for the flylady's emails (and canceled them, and signed up again) so many times! In thoery her program sounds great. Yes, I suffer from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). But, no ....I don't like to wake up, jump out of bed and get dressed all the way to my tennis shoes every day (I rarely even wear shoes....I HATE shoes....). I like to lay in bed until either the children insist I get up or the urge to pee becomes too strong to avoid. Though - I am getting there. Just this week I instituted the "no toys in my living room" policy and can at least now wake and go make a cup of hot tea without having legos imprinted into the bottom of my feet. The great basement clean out continues. I have taken two van fulls to consignment this fall, and have four boxes ready to go out to goodwill this week. I am trying to embrace the "less is more", the "love it or let it go", and the "live in 90% of our home - leave 10% room to grow."

2. Focus - I wake every day with my mind racing of all the things I want/need to do with the day. I end each day the same way - lying in bed, mind racing - did I remember to fill out the lunch form for Xman for school? is this week that the football game got moved from Thursday to Monday? Did I remember to flip my schedule around? ..................and so on. I have tried several things to focus myself. I printed motivated mom's calendars and for almost a full week I managed to stay on task! I put a pad of paper and pencil on my nightstand and I write down all those worries hoping that they leave my brain and go to paper. I got a cool new calendar to try to organize and keep our crazy schedule under control. I'm a work in progress. For now, I try to look into the faces of my sweet children and remember what is important right at that moment. Yes, beauty shop trumps washing dishes. Yes, light saber fighting trumps laundry. and Yes, hugs and kisses and snuggles trumps it all!

3. Faith - I am great at the believing part - definitely working on the area of surrendering all things. For you see, I am a control freak. It might be that oldest child bossy syndrome? I find it ironic that my favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11 - 11I will bless you with a future filled with hope--a future of success, not of suffering.
He doesn't promise to reveal that future to you in one fell swoop - doesn't promise to sketch it out on my pretty new calendar. This is the part of faith that I am working on. Waiting. Patience. Watching. Listening.

Since three is a magic number, I'll leave it at that today. Clutter, focus and faith.......definitely plenty to work on this week.......and the next, and probably the next........

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