Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blogging...........about blogging?


I am an avid blog reader.

Of people's blogs that I don't even know.

If I like your blog, then I peruse all the blogs on your list of blogs you read. Adding, yes, more blogs to my subscription. Reading my google reader could be a full time job. ....hmmmm?????

I feel like I really know people (mostly of the female persuasion) that I have never met. No one I know has met them. And, often I do not comment or acknowledge that I am stalking their writing life.


I consider blog reading to be in the same category as magazine reading. Except, lucky for me, it is a paper free hobby - goodness knows the last thing my house needs is more clutter!

I have never thought of my own blogging as for anyone else's enjoyment - or part of their procrastination attempts.

This weekend is something called Blissdom. Where the addicted bloggers go to learn more about blogging. I have to say that it sounds like my idea of a great weekend!

I blog because I like to chronicle my family adventures here. I consider it my most successful attempt at scrap booking. I have this lovely scrapbooking bag that my husband bought me as a treat a few years back. It even rolls. I have stacks of papers, oodles of stickers, and some of those fancy markers where you can write on paper and it won't become a faded mess when my kids are old enough to care that I created scrapbooks for them.

What I don't have - is any talent at the whole arts/crafts gig. Or, interest. Shutterfly and its printable digital books are my new best friend.

Sssshhhhh - once a month I go out for an evening to "scrapbooking." About six months ago, I quit taking any scrapbook supplies. Now, I take a yummy snack and go purely for the adult conversation. I found that when I carried supplies and didn't use them - I felt guilty. Like I didn't accomplish my objective. Now, that I take nothing but food and my big mouth - I definitely can meet my goal!

I blog because I like to have a place to share our homeschool adventure here. I consider it the place to record my weekly highlights. It is a much more reliable resource than my lesson plan binder! It has what we actually got done - what we loved, what went right, what went wrong, .............basically all the lessons we are learning on this journey.

I blog because I have thoughts, ideas, complaints that I don't want my kids to read here. When I print the kids blogs into books (on the to do list for 2010), I want them to be truthful accounts of their lives -with the omission of their mother's ramblings.

Here, I hope to find my voice.

Somewhere in maintaining three blogs - they don't all get the same attention, devotion, or enthusiasm. Perhaps if I downsized to one, I would have time to create cool logos, figure out how to add widgets, or really investigate the whole use of ads.

But that's not the big picture for me. For me, I love it. I love choosing the pictures. I love rambling. I love hopping around reading everyone else's rambling.

Perhaps my spot in my comfy chair, complete with ottoman, holding my warm pink laptop is my own personal blissdom.

If your blissdom is at home too, you can join the party here! Hop over and link up!


  1. I encourage you to leave comments! It's so nice to meet new readers, or say hello, or just gossip. I think the best part of blogging is the community and it all starts with an introduction. So HI!

  2. Yes I agree, although I would LOVE to have gone to blissdom... I find bliss just sitting in my living room, in my chair, dressed in jammy tales, surrounded by my family! Thanks for introducing yourself. You're welcome to stop by my blog anytime! :)
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  3. Stopping by from Patty's party. With all the awesome blogs to read, who has time for scrapbooking? Nice to meet you!

  4. I'm with you on the blog stalking. I do the same thing. I'm trying to make more effort lately to comment. I also have a huge stack of scrapbooking supplies. My hang-up is the photos. I never ever print them out. So this is a nice alternative.
    I still wish I were at Blissdom, though. :-)

  5. Hi, I'm Jessica from AZ. I also LOVE to read blogs. We are a homeschool family too. I think it's funny that you quit w/ the scrap supplies and just take a's all about the food and laughs in my book. I look forward to reading your blog.

  6. I love to read blogs... yours is now going on my list! I agree with another comment that the commenting does bring you in touch with other bloggers... I started doing that and I have a couple of people that I comment back and forth with and it is awesome! oh, my name is Shana.... I am here from Blessed Moon's party! Happy Weekend!

  7. you are hysterical! and i love your banner photo... where is it? we take our kids on impromptu rollercoaster park adventure weekends... and have been known to drive 9 hours each way in one weekend to do so! :)

    enjoyed the 'about you' part of your blog, too...and love that you scrapbook with only the most important supplies... friends and food!

    great post! would you please include a link back to my blog {} so that your readers can join the party?? thanks!! and thanks for blog-hopping-hope you are having fun!

  8. I'm "Not at Blissdom" either...but I am enjoying our little "not at blissdom" party... It's always nice to meet other bloggers and homeschooling ones at that!
    Do consider leaving comments... I know what they mean to me...

  9. I tried to do two for a while and then I decided that some of my ramblings would give them insight on what challenged me and thrilled me in this journey called motherhood. I also realized I would give anything to read my mom's thoughts on things happening to her when she raised us! So if three blogs become too much - I encourage you to not give up - just blend them together!

    Great thoughts - I love reading blogs too!

  10. I too am a blog reader and trying to be a better poster. I love comments but sometimes forget to leave comments when I read others; now I see how important that is and encouraging as well. I think this "I'm not at Blissdom Party" is pretty awesome, I'm meeting lots of new friends.

  11. Nice to meet you! You express perfectly my blog involvement - I love to meet fellow bloggers and spend a lot of time reading and caring about other bloggers. My blog is getting neglected though! I need to focus on that a bit more.

    Marcy {visiting from the not-at-blissdom post}

  12. HI there,

    I'm also on the "not-at-Blissdom" tour and absolutely agree with you on the scrapbooking thing!

    Have a great day,

  13. hi - stopping over from patty's. your post had me cracking up! i'm right there with you on reading my google reader could be a full time job...and that if i like your blog, i'll see what else you read, and i'll talk about you like i've met you. too funny! right now, my guac and wine are my personal blissdom. :)

  14. I love that you were so honest in this post! I don't think we see that enough.

    The part about going to a scrapbooking meeting and not taking supplies to "scrap" but go just to talk is so funny, yet so real! I love that and good for you!! I could totally see myself doing something like that.

  15. I admit it. There were many moments this weekend when I would rather have been at Blissdom. But now that I have discovered I am not the ONLY one who wasn't there - I am glad we are having a party of our own.

    It's nice to meet all of you.

  16. Love your blog! So glad I stumbled upon it! I will be back often.