Monday, February 15, 2010

Not me Monday

I came across this fun, little game hosted by MckMama.....a post about what you absolutely, positively, without a doubt....would NEVER do!

Confession time.

I did not totally forget about Valentine's Day after having a lengthy conversation with a teenager about the importance of thoughtfulness........I did not lecture him about how the holiday was not about what he could buy his girlfriend, but rather about recognizing the simple things that she would enjoy like a handwritten letter, or a sentimental reminder of a first date. After all of that, I did not forget to even jot my husband a note. Not even a post it.

I did not spend most of the week tripping over Christmas decorations in lovely, labeled rubbermaid containers in my basement when I have new fabulous shelves that they should be on.

I did not triple the dose of children's night time triamenic upon realizing last night that I have a cold and no adult medications in the house. Grape flavor. Yummy.

I did not sit on a my couch during a playdate today and completely ignore 99% of the children's lodged complaints. I did not not go running when children cried.

I did not allow my children to fend for themselves for dinner last week. The pumpkin eat sugary cereal by the bowl full for dinner. The bubbe did not eat pickles, olives and pop tarts. I most certainly did not eat dessert chex mix for dinner.

I did not wear the same jeans every time I left the house last week without they would still fit after not eating said dessert chex mix for dinner.

Hmm......I might could get into this confession thing.

Better stop now, before I do not get voted best mother of the week.


  1. LOL about the jeans... I'd never do that either!

  2. Been-there-done-that with the meds and the jeans :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. I love "not me Mondays"... if confession is good for the soul.. "not" confessing feels good too...