Saturday, January 28, 2012

10. Make Mistakes. Mistakes are the beginning of real discoveries!


He who never made a mistake never made a discovery.
This week we built a lego volcano. As it was our first volcano, I think we did well. You two took turns building - one step at a time.

After it was built, we placed it in the sink and hoped it would explode.

While our volcano did erupt, it also leaked all along the bottom and oozed. We knew we had a mistake in our construction.

Through our mistake, we learned a lot about volcano construction - and my lego building skills!

The thing about mistakes is that they are inevitable.  As humans we are not perfect. As God's children, we are all sinners.

It is in mistakes that we learn not only about life and the world around us, but also about ourselves. It is in our mistakes that we become vulnerable. It is in our mistakes that we are humbled. 

Make mistakes. Mistakes are the beginning of real discoveries.

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