Saturday, January 28, 2012

13. Do your own work. No matter the outcome, you can proud of your effort.

“A fisherman does not bait his hook with food he
likes. He uses food the fish likes. So with boys.”

“The sport in Scouting is to find the good in every
boy and develop it.”


At Christmas time, your boy scout pack gave you a Pinewood Derby car to prepare for the upcoming Pinewood Derby competition.

Sweet Daddy and I love to model and nurture the both of you through projects, but we do not do projects for you. When you walk away from an English paper, a Science backboard, or a pinewood derby car - it will be yours. 

The mere fact that you began and finished a project is your prize. You can stand proud of what YOU have accomplished. 

Sweet Daddy stood alongside you throughout your pinewood derby car project. He gave suggestions, provided feedback, and used the big saw to cut out your design. 

But, you, my dear Bubbe, you made your pinewood derby car. You filed down the rough edges. You sanded them fine. You primed and painted your car. You taped it and painted a stripe. You picked out decorative stickers and weights. You put them on. 

When you wanted to add headlights, Daddy taught you to use the drill. And you, added your own headlights.

When we left for the derby competition we had a long talk about how we weren't sure how your car would race. But no matter how the competition ended, Sweet Daddy and I were immensely proud of you for the car you made!

And, you won first place for speed in your pack.

Sweet Daddy and I were pleasantly surprised and so very happy for you!

Do your own work. No matter the outcome, you can proud of your effort.

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