Wednesday, January 18, 2012

8. Appreciate your mother's old school favorites.

Old School - Jello Pudding

"Jello Pudding - you can't be a kid without it." - Bill Cosby

Last year I introduced you to The Cosby Show. Circa 1980's. Classic family television. 

And now, one year later - we are on season 6, episode 4 of the Cosby show. We have enjoyed many fabulous family evenings, huddled up together in the living room, reliving some of the best television from my childhood.

We watched as Theo learned all about the importance of education through a monopoly money lesson from Cliff. We laughed as Vanessa tried to start her own music group and Claire lost it when she saw the band's choice of outfits. We had a great family discussion about the dangers of teenage alcohol use and peer pressure when Denise picked Vanessa up from a friend's house after she had been drinking. Sweet Daddy and I have giggled as Cliff is sure the children are never leaving home!

Always remember that while the newest media is fun, there's something to be said about classic books, television, board games, and movies.

Appreciate your mother's old school favorites - they just might be your favorite too!

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