Saturday, March 3, 2012

25. What you say and do matters. Even if no one is watching.

As we came off of Test Track at Epcot, you immediately wanted to jump into the show room floor cars that they had available.

I watched you climb into the car (you did put your seat belt on first) and then you began to love being behind the wheel.

For a moment, I could see it. Ten years from now - we'll no longer be pretending, you will really be behind the wheel of the car.

I won't always be there to remind you of the heavy responsibility that comes with that set of car keys.

We've always told you that good character comes from doing what is right - even when no one is watching. Especially when no one is watching.

This picture reminds me of that - I pray you will always be cautious in both your words and your actions.

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