Saturday, March 3, 2012

26. Listen to your body. When it says rest, rest.

This picture was taken the first time we rode the monorail on this trip. We were heading from the Magic Kingdom over to the Contemporary resort to have lunch.

This is the last picture of Bubbe before the great stomach virus struck on this trip.

I remember as we climbed onto the monorail, you began to complain that you didn't feel well.

At that time, you had the breakfast of champions - a pop tart and apple juice.

I was pretty sure we needed to feed you something healthy and then see what you felt like from there.

Again, at lunch - as you sat with your Powerade sipping slowly - you reminded me that you didn't feel well. Your tummy hurt.

I heard you.

Daddy volunteered to take you back to the hotel, where you took a nice long nap.

And then awoke abruptly and threw up everywhere!

I'm so thankful that I have learned to listen to my body, and can respect that you are learning to listen to yours! You knew you didn't feel  well and needed to rest. When you did get sick, you were in the comfort of our hotel room - not in some long line at the amusement park or a bus in route somewhere. For that, I'm grateful.

You napped, you slept well all night and by the next afternoon - you were back riding roller coasters and eating yummy treats.

Always listen to your body. When it says rest, rest.

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