Friday, March 2, 2012

34. Accept others for their differences.

“It's never the differences between people that surprise us. It's the things that, against all odds, we have in common.”
Jodi Picoult

As we toured around "the world" in Epcot, we stopped in each country.

We lingered. 

We spoke to the college interns that worked there - learned about what they were studying, how they liked America, if they wanted to stay or go back home, and even got them to write us a little note in their native language.

We were all fascinated. 

While there were definitely differences (I will always remember the teenager from France who could barely be bothered to meet us - seemed oddly American to me, or the eager excitement of the student from Japan who never wanted to leave America!), there were many similarities too.

When you meet new people, embrace their differences. 


I'd bet that you'll find a few similarities to bridge the gap! 

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