Wednesday, March 21, 2012

43. When you give a gift, it's the card that matters. Write something that's worthy of keeping.

Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.  ~Lord Byron

On our last morning, as pulled out to head toward home, you and Daddy went souvenir shopping. 

 You see - the two of you are so alike. You both look at everything all week. And throughout the week you change what you are "definitely going to buy" at least once daily. Most likely twice. And then, on our final morning - you are still not sure. You think you know - you do one last walk around the shopping area, and then decide.

This year, you both chose to build your own remote control cars at RideMakerz. The process was neat and you were both so excited to choose each step of the way. 

When I look at this picture though, what I remember is what happened when we got home.

This year we started making Sweet Daddy's lunches - as  a service to him. You and Pumpkin take turns. Whoever makes his lunch also makes him a short note, card or picture to brighten his day. 

That first day we made Sweet Daddy lunches - you drew a picture of you and Daddy playing with your new cars and wrote the sweetest note. 

Your cards are always funny - on that one you included Daddy saying "Xman Rocks!" 

Daddy and I treasure these momentos - when you give someone gift, always take the time to write a thoughtful note in their card. Years later when the item is gone - the card will remain.

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