Saturday, March 24, 2012

50. Don't be afraid to strike out.


Don't forget to swing hard, in case you hit the ball.  ~Woodie Held

Today you came up to bat twice, and you struck out twice.

You were massively disappointed.

So much so that it almost ruined the game for you. You became grumpy and unpleasant. I had to remind you that you are allowed to be disappointed, and disappointed in yourself, however, you are not allowed to infringe on other people's good day in the process. You are part of a team - and even after you hit, you still have to play the field.

You see Bubbe, you can't hit a ball if you aren't willing to strike out. To hit a ball, you have to swing. You wait for the right pitch, but you have to swing. 

Babe Ruth struck out twice as many times as he hit home runs. TWICE as many! 

What made Babe Ruth a great hitter? He wasn't afraid of striking out. He wasn't afraid of trying.

I'm learning that much of baseball is like life. Some say the sin of of not doing is the largest sin of all. Not giving your best. Not using your talents and gifts to glorify God. The sin of not trying. 

God expects us to do our best - to give our best, in all we do, every day. And to do so with a joyful spirit. To be thankful that you are healthy and you can play baseball. To be grateful for a coach who dedicates his time to teach you and coach you. To be humbled that so many love you and come out to see you play. 

Sweet Daddy and I want you to be a good ball player. To us, that doesn't mean that you hit every time you come up to bat, or perfectly execute every play in the field. It means you are a coachable kid. A likeable kid. A kid who is grateful for the opportunity to play, and enjoys playing. A kid who lets his light shine even on the baseball field. Especially on the baseball field.

Don't be afraid to strike out. 

Some of those swings will be hits! 


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