Saturday, March 24, 2012

51. Surround yourself with smart people.

We should not only use the brains we have, but all that we can borrow.  ~Woodrow Wilson

I look at this picture, taken in our classroom, and smile. 

You are working hard at your spelling - using your magnetic tiles to spell new words. I like to watch you as you carefully decide which sounds make up a new word. 

We established long ago that you are my thinker boy. One of my favorite stories was one afternoon we were in your room, doing one of the many decluttering clean outs that occur in your room.

Bubbe: "Mommy - We could divide my toys into boxes. And put pictures on those boxes of what is inside. Then, I could clean up my toys and keep them all organized."

Me: "What a great idea. I'll get you some boxes and you can get started."

Bubbe: "Mommy - I'm really more of a thinker boy, not a doer boy. I like to come up with the good ideas, not actually do them."

I try to nurture your natural curiosity. We make weekly trips to the library so you can get books on whatever the phase of the week is. This week - it's lego ideas books. You are fascinated with all the people that have written ideas for making things with legos. A few months ago, it was baseball. 

As you grow older, and begin to choose your friends more independently from me, I hope you choose thinker boys and girls.

If you ever want to get anything done, or go anywhere, perhaps include at least one doer boy or girl too!

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  1. To true... however, as your son grows, he'll find that doing is as fun as thinking up the ideas; just wait and see. My niece is always in the thick of everything; and loves life as throws all kinds of things at her... which, right now, is a broken toe from Tae Kwon Doe. :)