Saturday, April 21, 2012

65. We will always pick you up. Anytime. Anywhere. No matter what.

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.  ~Roy Disney

I look at this picture of you, building castles in the sand, with such determination in your face, such joy in your heart.

While this week at the beach, we built our castles on the sand, I'm helping you build your life upon the Rock. 

Sweet Daddy and I are teaching you about God, and you are teaching us about faith. 

I have faith that you are God's child, not mine to posses. 

I know that in your walk with Him you will make mistakes. You will falter. You will sin. 

Do you know how I know that for sure?

Because in my walk with Him, I have made mistakes. I have faltered. I have sinned.

I want you to know that Sweet Daddy and I will always be here for you. Always.

If you make bad choices, if you falter, if you make mistakes. When you make mistakes.

We will be here for you.

And, we will always come and get you. Anytime. Anywhere. No matter what. 

Unless you are in jail. I will tell you now, should you make choices and mistakes that land you in jail, your father and I will leave you there. Long enough to learn your lesson. Because we love you. And because I know, from experience, that the very fact that we will not rush to come and get you - will keep you from many mistakes. Many.

I promise.

Then, we will come and get you.  



No matter what.

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