Sunday, April 22, 2012

69. Girls like it when you notice the little things. Pay attention.

Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there.  ~Clarence W. Hall

I look at this pictures and I remember the egg hunt at Nana and Papa's house this year.

Yet another annual tradition. 

Each year, your Uncle Justin dutifully hides the Easter eggs whilst you and your sister bounce excitedly around the house.

 As soon as they are hidden, you both rush outside and race around the yard trying to collect all of yours first (Nana always gives you a limit of the number of eggs you can pick up).

This is one of my favorite moments each year. Even though you are getting so much taller, so much bigger, so much more grown up - it is in these moments that I'm reminded how little you still are.

Laughing, giggling, racing around after plastic eggs. 

I see in these pictures your sister's new shoes.

Which you complimented her on just that morning "Hey Mikaela - I like your new shoes."

To which your sister smiled broadly, and said "Awww. Thanks."

I can always count on you, my dear Bubbe, to notice a new shirt, a new hair cut, or even a new cup in the kitchen! 

Girls like it when you notice the little things. 

Pay attention.

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