Saturday, May 19, 2012

80. When on a date, always open her door. Car door. Restaraunt door. All the doors.

The mother's heart is the child's schoolroom. - Henry Ward Beecher


I look at these pictures, and still weeks later, smile.

The Chick Fil A near our home has offered father daughter date nights for years now. Never mother/son. We have been on many dates through the years - we do love to enjoy a good Mexican meal together. This year the CFA offered a Mother Son Date Knight.

You were so excited. You kept asking me to make sure I signed us up. 

The day finally arrived - you insisted that we both get dressed up. To eat at CFA. So we did.

I wore my best only dress. You wore your jeans, new skater polo shirt and your cowboy boots.  

You held the door open for me as we entered the restaurant. 

We arrived, were seated and waited on by a lovely young hostess. You had the spicy chicken sandwich, fries and a lemonade. I had a Cesear Coolwrap, fries and a sweet tea. 

And great company. 

While I would love to think you will only date me forever, I know at some point - you are going to want to date someone your own age. Whose not your mother. When that time comes, I hope that our dates will have taught you how one behaves on a date.

You ask questions - about the other person. 

You make eye contact - you don't stare at technology or gadgets.

And you always open her door. All the doors.

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