Saturday, May 19, 2012

83. Be kind. Be randomly kind. Be purposefully kind. But always be kind.

Our tradition for the last few years has been to do Random Acts of Kindness for my birthday.

We spend a week or so before my birthday brainstorming and preparing for the big day.

These times of preparing with you - these are some of my favorite memories. You are both so kind. So generous. So thoughtful. You always have great ideas of people and places that we can visit for our day.

Our first year we called them Random Acts of Kindness. Mommy took some criticism from the virtual world as perhaps our tasks weren't random, and others were things we might do an ordinary day.

The objective isn't to please or impress anyone - virtual or in real life. But rather, to provide you both with a tradition. A little character education.

A memory - of how I enjoy spending my birthday. Being kind. Randomly kind. Purposefully kind. But always kind.

1 - We wrote out bible verses and cards for all the people on our church's home bound prayer list. We included notes letting them know we are praying for them.

2 - We make lunch for Sweet Daddy every day. You two take turns making his lunch or writing notes to include. For my bday, we went and bought Sweet Daddy's favorite cookies - sugar cookies, and included those in his lunch box.

3 - For our family, we made this cool sign. Since Sweet Daddy was at work, he was the first recipient. I hope that we will pass this amongst ourselves - sharing how we appreciate each other.

4 - Our mailman (Jerry) is an annual recipient (actually multiple times a year if you count our Advent Random Acts of Kindness this year). We bought an extra box of Trefoil girl scout cookies this winter when Pumpkin sold them, and saved them for our mail carrier. They are his favorite.

5 - I took the time this week to write a letter to one of my graduating seniors. I've spent a lot of time with this young woman over the years and wanted to share with her how proud I was of her accomplishments.

6 - I wrote a card to encourage a dear friend.

 7 - We made home made bookmarks using cardstock, yarn, and your favorite stickers. We went to our local library and you put them in all your favorite books. I enjoyed this one - Bubbe even took the time to find his favorite part in one of his favorite books and hide it there!

8 - Pumpkin wrote two cards to encourage two of her friends who she adores.

9 - Bubbe mailed some cards of encouragement to family.

10. We dropped off non grocery items here - hand soap, air freshener, etc. This was a really touching stop for both Bubbe and I (Princess stayed in the car on this one). When we went in to drop off, families were lined up waiting to get food. It was moving to see that our donations were needed and would be used immediately. This will become a regular stop for us.

11 - We left popsicles and this "cool" sign on a neighbor's porch for them to find after school.

12 - We filled all the candy and toy machines with quarters - ready to be used!

13 - We left "please enjoy this random act of kindess" cards and change in the rides at our local Walmart.

14 - I picked up the team trophies for Bubbe's baseball team to save someone else the drive.

15 - We left "A gift for you. Yes, YOU! (pick me up)" gifts in the car buggies at Publix.

16 -I left feminine hygiene products in several local restrooms. I chose ones that were "one stall" bathrooms.

17 and 18 - We took treats for the nurses, and an activity Spiderman bucket (filled with stationary supplies, stickers, markers, etc.) for the waiting room at the local Hospice center.

19 - An annual favorite. The kids hid dollars near their favorite dollar store items.

20 - We stopped in at our favorite library and Bubbe cleaned all their tables. They needed it! He then wiped them down with antibacterial wipes.

21 - We stuck a "random act of kindness" card and a note that said "Please put this $1 toward your Disney trip" in each of the Disney guidebooks at our local library.

22 - We gave out some $5 Starbucks gift cards to random strangers - always fun to see their face!

23 -We left car air freshener cans around the vacuum stations at a local car wash.

24 - We left Spray n Wash bottles in the local laundromat.

25 - We left plastic eggs filled with stickers on one of the kid's favorite playgrounds.

26 - We dropped off food items at our church's food bank. Bubbe's two favorites - almond milk and mac n cheese!

27 - We left activity books with colored pencils in the ER waiting room of our new local hospital.

28 - We left change on the vending machines in the ER at our local hospital.

29 - You two made a "Top 10 About ______" for your youth minister.

30 - We took a small token and card to the receptionist at our church who always smiles and is so kind to us each week.

31 -We left an extra 37% tip for our waitress at lunch (57% total). Sneaking in a little math on our RAK day!

32-We took home made rice krispie treats to the workers at our local UPS store. They help us out when we need assistance making copies all year during school. They are always friendly and nice to us. Pumpkin - this was one of your favorites. You came out and said "The girls were so excited!"

33 - We hid 37 pennies at one of the parks in the poorer area of town. You two always love to find a penny and thought other kids would as well.

34 -We returned all the big Sam's buggies back to the store.

35 -Pumpkin worked really hard to make a new friend at Swim Team - someone whose grandmother had mentioned to me needed a friend.

36 - Bubbe helped Sweet Daddy get Nana's mail and feed her dogs.

37 - I chose to cook. Because I knew the kids really want to see The Avengers movie this weekend and the only way we could afford to do that would be to not eat out this week (the bday lunch was covered with coupons we only spent the "tip" money). So, I cooked my own birthday meal. And cleaned up after it.


  1. "Our first year we called them Random Acts of Kindness. Mommy took some criticism from the virtual world as perhaps our tasks weren't random, and others were things we might do an ordinary day."

    Really? Anyone who wants to nitpick over acts of kindness needs something better to do with their time. I'm glad you had a great day. You inspire me to more for others with my children, too.

  2. Random Act of Kindness are needed in this world. And anyone who doesn't like what you're doing needs to take a look around and realise how narrow their lives have become.

    Well done! I love what you're all doing. I try to do the random acts each day and week as it makes me feel better about myself and I make friends along the way. Also, I will leave this world a better place - well, just that little bit better I hope. :)