Saturday, August 6, 2016

Embrace your Ramona-ness

Beezus: Ramona, you're your own person. You don't care about coloring inside the lines.

Ramona Quimby: It really depends on the picture.

The Ramona books are definitely some of my favorites from my childhood. I can still remember curling up in the Princess's bed and reading them to her. The sound of her tiny giggle when Ramona would do Ramona.
For some reason the Peanut couldn't sleep last night. I don't know why I'm always so caught off guard. We all have nights now and then where we just can't sleep? Or don't sleep well? Can't get comfortable? Our minds can't settle? For some reason, we think children should be exempt from this phenomenon as they tend to require a grown up to sit up with them.
As we sat last night and pondered all things crazy...........I was reminded that Peanut is our own little Ramona. She takes things very literally. She speaks truth - she doesn't know any other way. She's curious, inquisitive, and busy. Did I mention busy? She wears a tiara and and carries a magic wand the majority of the time. But is also usually covered with marker or paint from her latest creation.
I think about how when people meet us - how clear her baggage is. She is visibly a mess . And my own baggage, it's a bit more hidden I guess. It's hard to see the suitcase of guilt, sins, transgressions, worries.
I'm so thankful He meets me where I'm at. In the midst of my mess. In my truth.

"When we fail to reflect back on the power of the cross in our own lives, we cease to be effective when it comes to pointing others to the cross."
We've got to unpack that suitcase, show our Ramona-ness. Be transparent. Be truth.
16 Tell your sins to each other. And pray for each other so you may be healed. The prayer from the heart of a man right with God has much power. James 5:16
Mama Warriors, we can't live in the past. We can't lug it around, hidden in a suitcase. We can't live defined by our sins. We must be defined by God's grace in the present. We've got to be real - show people how He will meet you where are. Right in the middle of your Ramona style mess.

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