Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Expect to Experience Him

"I ask God to help me live in expectation of experiencing Him; therefore I do."
I've been thinking a lot lately about prayer. I'm diligently praying a huge list of prayers every day, and I feel like they are all evaporating.
I realized that I stay in 9-1-1 prayer mode. I'm in it daily. Desperate pleas for help. Fix this. Change this. Restore this.
Turns out prayer doesn't work like a vending machine. God is not a vending machine. You can't put your problem in and expect the answer to quickly drop down, ready for you to embrace. Often, I bet you are like me, we put the problem in, and then stand there like a crazy person beating on the machine, crying out - "Why is nothing coming out?" I'm doing all the right things.
My devotion this morning compared our relationship with God not as a vending machine one, but rather like an old friend. When we tell an old friend our problem, they talk through it with us. They walk through the trial with us. They offer wisdom. Guidance. But a good friend just doesn't fix it for you.
You see I'm finding that I hover in this dangerous place where my prayers are becoming what I WANT from God, rather than asking God for more of himself.
9 “So here is what I say to you. Ask, and it will be given to you. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. 10 Everyone who asks will receive. The one who searches will find. And the door will be opened to the one who knocks." Luke 11:9- 10
That's a deceiving read for many.
"But asking, seeking, and knocking aren't secret formulas for getting what we want FROM God; they're ways to get more OF God."
If healing doesn't come, if restoration doesn't come, if the chaos continues, His presence is enough. His purpose is enough.
I should be begging, pleading, asking, seeking and knocking for MORE of Him.
One of my many 9-1-1 prayers over the last few months is for the salvation of our Princess. In my desperate beating the vending machine days, I've realized that I've prayed for Him to draw her closer. I've prayed for her to accept Him and be brave enough to take that next step. But I've not prayed for her to EXPERIENCE Him.
And isn't that what it's truly going to take? Her being slowly drawn to Him. Her realizing that the little hurdles in her day, or the big hills, are reminders to draw nearer to Him.
Mama Warriors, I think we are all waiting on God for something. Maybe it's a tiny prayer, maybe it's a huge 9-1-1 prayer. We have to be cautious. We have to pray that even IF the vending machine never spits out our prayer answers, that He is enough. Even if healing or restoration or wisdom doesn't come - His presence is enough. His purpose is enough.
I challenge you today to live in expectation of experiencing Him. Expect Him to show up today. Expect it. And, you will experience Him.

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