Thursday, August 4, 2016

Irv - We were NEVER on aisle 7! Honest!

"Heartbreaks and hurdles are meant to become trophies of His grace rather than secrets to be buried."
I love 80s movies. The soundtracks, the themes, I love them. One of my favorites is Mr. Mom. In the movie, the dad looses his job. It works out best for the mom to go back to work full time and him to take over the household and the children. What follows is comical as he tries to find his footing being "Mr. Mom." In my favorite scene, he's attempting to grocery shop. With children.
All of us mom people have been there right? You went to the store WAY too close to nap time. Or lunch time. The children are into everything, you can't find what you are looking for, and the madness seems to spiral. After making a mess on almost every aisle (to which the store makes announcements "Irv, Clean up on Aisle...."), they call for a clean up on aisle 7 and Mr. Mom feels relief - "Irv - We were NEVER in aisle 7. Honest."

For once, the mess isn't his.
Life is messy.
"We are redeemed creatures not perfect creations."
If we are authentic, if we are real - we would be leaving messes for Irv to clean up on every aisle. But, we hide our messes. We say "fine" and smile when someone asks how we are. We present ourselves as perfect. Or worse, we show a minimal flaw and say it's our worst, and apologize for it. We are plastic people in Walmart.
We have to give ourselves permission to be a work in progress. We have to give ourselves permission to not be okay.
Restore to me the joy of your salvation
and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Psalm 51:12
Grant me a willing spirit - a spirit willing to admit you need grace. To ask to be sustained.
We are walking some tough challenges with our Xman and anxiety. And I'm physically and emotionally leaving messes for Irv everywhere we go. In the walls of our house, we're stretched. But in public, we're overwhelmed. It's messy.
Our family should be safe haven for our mess. But sometimes it's a lot to ask of people to be patient. To be encouraging. To be supportive. To be empathetic with something they can't understand.
I'm struggling with the balance between sheltering him from people knowing, and teaching him to live an authentic life. To admit his struggles. To know when he needs help. To share his testimony, his walk, His story.
Mama Warriors, we want to be Mama Bear - we want to shelter them from hurt, protect them from trials. But sometimes He calls us to walk the trial with them. To push through. To show our kids that it's okay to be a mess. To be a work in progress. To show them how to lean on Him.

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