Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just because you HAVE Jesus, doesn't mean you don't need JESUS

"Because we are deeply, passionately, unequivocally, and unconditionally adored by the Lover of our souls, we can stop this approval seeking, gotta have more likes madness."
There is nothing more authentic about family life I think than trying to get out the door on a Sunday morning for church. Not only does everyone need to be fed, be clean, be dressed appropriately, but they also should be carrying their bible (or their backpack in Peanut's case). There is never a time a mother regularly needs a dose of Jesus than on a Sunday morning.
We are in this beautiful season right now with two different ends of the spectrum. I have one tween and one teen - both who spend countless hours in the shower, in front of the mirror. There is always one last "check" before I get them out the door. Every hair should be in place. The Princess is in this red lipstick phase (in case you're wondering, not a battle I'm fighting - I figure if you are young enough to think that looks great all the time, enjoy it). And we have the preschooler. She thinks as long as she has on a princess dress, some costume jewelry and clunky dress up shoes - she looks great.
The difference there is interesting. My big two care what OTHERS think of how they look. How they present themselves. The wee one, only cares what SHE thinks.
I'm afraid the age of social media is only making the teen years harder around here. Now we can track how many people "like" our new outfit, new hairdo, new whatever.
"Do you think I am trying to get the favor of men, or of God? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant owned by Christ." Gal 1:10
It's hard to grow the confidence to live an authentic life. I've come to this place in my 40s where I don't have the time or energy to present myself in any other way than who I really am. I'd like to think some of that is spiritual growth. I want you to know I'm far from perfect. Those fb picture moments you see - those are the picture worthy moments of my day. I don't take pictures of the snarky teen, the anxious tween, the tantruming preschool (okay so occasionally I do take a picture of that because it is just downright funny). I want people to know that just because you have Jesus - doesn't mean you don't NEED Jesus.
"People pleasing can cause us to loose our voices."
The hardest part of being authentic to me is speaking truth to those I love. Because honestly, when we need truth - we don't want to hear it. I feel like we are called to not just share of His great grace, but the "cost" of that grace. There are standards. There are convictions. There are callings. We can't just smile and dole out grace like a get out of jail free card. Truth and grace, a balancing act.
"See, You want truth deep within the heart. And You will make me know wisdom in the hidden part." Psalm 51:6
Mama Warriors, we have to CHOOSE to live in the confidence of His love rather than the fleeting approval of man. We have to be so careful that we are modeling whose approval is important for our kids. "Be careful little eyes what you see" - I think about that a lot. Are my kids watching me care about what the world thinks of me? Am I a "people pleaser" or a "faithful follower?" "Be careful little ears what you hear" - are my kids hearing me speak hard truths? Are they hearing me balance truth with grace?
The preacher said yesterday that Godly kids don't happen by accident. We have to be INTENTIONAL. Mama warriors, be intentional today.

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