Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

I do enjoy rambling - occasionally I have a point I want to share, a memory I want to document, or use the opportunity to chronicle a new experience. But sometimes, I just need a chance to hang out in my own thoughts.

- remember those? I used to be a very educated woman who had many ideas to contribute to society. Now, I often can not be good for much more than suggestions on conquering diaper rash, recommendations for preschools, or advice on what toys a 7 year old might like to receive.

Have you noticed that once you enter mommyville - all conversations abruptly changes to children. Your children. Other people's children. Children.

Don't get me wrong - I am GUILTY. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

I spend my whole day guessed it, my kiddos.

Therefore, all of my life experiences currently relate guessed it, my kiddos.

I came across this blog today with a writing prompt - 10 on the 10th. Think of it like English class - the writing prompt on the 10th of each month is to create a list of 10 - on anything you want.

So, here's my 10 on the 10th for January 2010:

10 Things I will accomplish in 2010 for me

1 - Write at least one blog post here each week that has nothing to do with my kids. Watch out might be about to find out more about me.

2 - Conquer my coke addiction - and make having a real coke an occasional treat, instead of a need to survive a day. (for those keeping up, today is day 7......yes, I am still counting)

3 -See real adult people and have real conversations twice a month. This will double my current night out of once a month.

4 - Introduce my children to locks - on bedroom doors, on bathroom doors. We are going to learn give our family members a little privacy and personal space.

5 - Write in my new prayer journal daily. Really pray often for those in need.

6 - Commit to having a date night with my husband - once a month would be grand, but every six weeks is my goal.

7 - Let it go. If it lives in our house, and I don't love it, use it, have to have it - let it go. I'm not going to save it for potential future use. I'm not going to continue to organize or move it. I'm going to let it go.

8 - Unplug. I don't have any problem limiting my children on their TV, video game, or computer time. But, I struggle with limiting myself. 2010 I will unplug too.

9 - Read. I considered taking the 52 into 52 challenge (read 52 books in 52 weeks). But, really......I don't need anything else on my "to do" list. I love to read - reading is not, nor has it ever been a chore for me. This year I will make time to read - when I am not soo tired that my eyes close on every other page.

10 - Be generous. I have generous thoughts...........I'm lacking on the follow through. In 2010, my goal is to actually do the kind deed that comes to mind. Follow through.

So, there it is.