Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That's What I Was Thinking!

From time to time I read a blog and I think "Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking."

So, here's what I'm reading today:

This blog is a must for me - for she too remembers the show Mama's Family.

So that also means, my time is pretty much saturated in all that is maternal and ridiculous.  There's no clocking out, or taking a toilet  break, or even eating something that's not room temperature, so I am waaaaay overdue for some time off.

Then I read this and remembered why being saturated is oh so necessary.

Magical childhoods don't just happen.  There is a lot of work that goes into making all those memories.  The kids remember highlights and enjoy the safety of their bubble. I maintain the bubble.

In the process of finding those two good finds today, I found that I don't enjoy reading most of the blogs in my google reader anymore.

Time for a google reader clean out. 

So - I'm wondering,

What's your favorite blog to read?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Say Yes

 I remember growing up thinking how cool it was going to be to be a grown up. I was going to make all my own choices, do what I wanted to do, be my own boss.


There are days that I would pay you to make all my decisions for me.

Decide if Bubbe needs more therapy - or are we really making progress? Decide if Pumpkin is happy - is she making friends? Will she ever fit in? Decide how to make the money in our checkbook pay ALL our bills - will we ever pay for gas in anything but change?

Decisions. Choices.

Please - let someone else be the grown up!

I often wonder what parenting looks like from the eyes of a child?

I realized (with in put from two certain special someones) that kids think grown ups get to tell you "no."

So, for this summer I'm going with "Just Say Yes."

Unless it is unsafe or out of budget - we are saying yes to the children's requests.

Really - why don't I say yes to building the marble tower - I can check my facebook status later, or that load of laundry can be fluffed and folded tomorrow.

I'm saying yes to dressing dolls for stroller rides.

Yes to pudding and a cupcake for dessert (pudding counts as a dairy right????).

Saying yes is...............freedom. Freedom from guilt - and let me tell you, I could use a MUCH lighter suitcase in the mommy guilt department.

Saying yes is.............fun. And fun, well............it's just plain fun.

Last night, I said yes to this - to Pumpkin reading Bubbe two books before bed.

I won't bore with you the reasons why I normally say no (let's just say typically this cute Kodak moment lasts until page 3 of the book, then mass chaos erupts and kiss calm bedtime routine goodbye), but man I am grateful I said yes.

What could be more sweet than that?