Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Birthday Continues

I've got to say that this year's birthday is the one that just keeps on giving!

The amazing thing to me is that ALL that kindness cost me about  $20 (plus gas). My goal (being budget challenged) was to find and use things we had at home - and make things. To be purposeful in our randomness. We stuffed our easter eggs with small toys we had at home (think birthday party grab bag goodies that you don't want or need). Our coloring books were made by tearing out pages in a stack of coloring books we owned (voila decluttered coloring book cabinet - and 8 brand new home made coloring books). Our baked goods were made with staples from our food pantry - bought during great grocery deals over the last few months. 

We did buy flowers, 2 boxes of cookies and silly bandz - and vases and new crayons.

For such a small cost, me (and my children) have learned so much!

For example, I have renewed faith in people. Our mailman has never been the friendliest of folks. Sure, he delivers the mail come rain or shine - but not with with much enthusiasm. Not a waver.

I came home on Tuesday from work to find this sweet note in our mailbox

Our mailman's name is Jerry.

And, we made his day. Even our grumpy mailman can have his day made with a simple box of cookies and a kind note.

How cool is that?

I giggled as my mother reported that my Aunt was calling everyone on Tuesday to try to figure out who had mailed her money (the kids and I didn't remain anonymous for too long on that one) - but I would have LOVED to see her face when she opened that envelope! 

I might have even rubbed off on the Coach as when I returned from work Monday, not only was there this yummy treat

rice krispie cake

but He vacumned the dining room floor so it would be clean under my feet when I ate that yummy treat. 

That is a random act of kindness designed for me.

I LOVE that my soon to be 8 year old is already working on her Random Acts of Kindness list for her birthday this summer. My intention was to spend my birthday utterly happy - blessing other people. Who knew that I would be amazingly blessed in return? AND - that my kids would learn that life (even on your birthday) is about what you can give, not what you can receive. 

I love that others are inspired and interested.

Remember this lady inspired me - and isn't that what life is about?


  1. This is the first time I've visited your blog. I found your Amazing Birthday linked on another blog I read. I just want to say that you brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart, and I will certainly be back!

    You gave me some wonderful ideas. I try to do stuff like this with my son and the kids in my neighborhood. I can tell you from experience, the guys at the fire station loved you!

    Thank you for sharing. Thank you for having such a kind and wonderful birthday. Thank you for inspiring.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. I've already got out my paper to make my own list. Since I'm turning 42 this year, I'm throwing a Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy party. Everyone has to bring a towel they will leave at the end of the night. Each towel will be donated to the local women's shelter who is in sore need of them. Before my party, I think I'll follow your example. Exciting!

  3. This is what I'm going to do for my birthdays! Thanks so much for sharing the details of your birthday! My dear friend Jana Anderson talks about you often, so I feel like I know you. If I ever meet you in person, I'm going to feel like we're already friends! Blessings to you today, friend of my friend!

  4. This weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday!